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to be healed means to be joined with the whole

tui-na massage

Chinese medicinal massages are the most effective TCM treatment modality.

According to Natures cycles and seasons as well as the 5 elements and the polar energy flow of Yin and Yang along the 12 Meridians and its acupuncture points. The Meridian system is the first physical link established between the etheric body and the developing physical body.

Tui-na can be a back massage - from the top of your head, along the spinal column, down to sacrum.  Or a partial massage working on specific problems on your extremities.

Designed to release muscular tension,  strains and glued tissue,
stretching of muscles, gentle release of compressed vertebras and joints, stimulating the blood and lymph flow as well as activating the energy flow
in the meridians using a vibration technique on accupoints to release blockages. In particular cases in conjunction with cupping, gua sha or moxibustion.

qi gong massage

This healing session is a very soft and gentle massage working rather on your energetic, subtle body. Affecting the Qi system as well as the circulatory system of blood and lymph, by using transmission and emission of Qi with hands on or even off the body, holding, gliding, vibrating and by gently tapping Qi onto your muscles. This healing modality is deeply relaxing and working on body mind soul level by allowing access to higher realms.




Auhea na Aumakua.



Decode and upgrade your frequency. 

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