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health is a perfect state of rhythm and tone

fusion between qi gong & hawaiian temple massage

This healing session is a combination of fluent flowing movements, soft stretching, smoothly shaking the body free of physical holdings,

releasing manifested thought patterns and emotions. Using a vibration technique on specific acupoints, which build the interface between the physical and the etheric realm, to remember the body on its particle and energetic nature.


By slowly unfolding layer by layer a deep inner awareness awakens.This consciousness will arise, take its original space and merge with the Whole.

You will be reconnected with your holiness, your sacred Pure innate nature.

This experience is unique to each person and will be different each time.

Often the recipient goes through an inward  journey, old memories or experiences come to the surface, also visions may arise, often in connection with your calling or your path. Please do not hesitate to ask questions days later or to book a mediation for extensive clearing.

qi gong healing meditation

This healing session uses Qi from the earth and from the sky by sitting in an upright position, bare feet on the ground and hands rest on legs - palms up

It is designed to open up to divine healing energy. By active transmission of Qi on particular energy centers and glands to affect the Energy of Spirit which animates
the framework of the physical body and is integrally related to the cellular expression of the body. Therefore it heals on a very deep level releasing blockages, traumas, memories and illness stemming from negative thought forms carried within the subtle energy field of the individual.

This meditation is very powerful, because the recipient is in a vertical position aligning themselves actively to the energy flow. Openings of specific glands especially thymus and pineal can be experienced.

This experience is unique to each person and will be different each time.



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