take care of your individual spirit and else will fall in place

Karolinenstrasse 9

20357 Hamburg

preparation for all treatments

Please eat light prior to treatments.

Stop taking alcohol and drugs 1 day before.

Take shower, wash hair & remove makeup prior to coming to your session.

Be consciously prepared for "Your sacred space".

Plan free time afterwards for digestion and integration.

sacred space

My studio is a place where we honor nature - life force - the creator.

A place of stillness, so one can hear the heart beat and find the innate tone.

A place of simplicity, so clarity can arise.

A place blessed by prayer, practice and meditation, so the frequency is prepared. A place where u can simply Be! As in experience.

Please book in advance

You can schedule appointments from Sunday–Friday by calling/texting

+ 506 8780 6208

 or by email: cordulastudio@gmail.com


To schedule an online consultation via Skype email to:


contact & book

Für nähere Informationen bitte anrufen oder mailen:

 +49 162 185 760 6

email: cordulastudio@gmail.com

Skype: trulyyourself


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