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you are a unique Note in the Cosmic Symphony

This healing modality is focused on your mind. The communication method  used is called "Karam Kriya" and it is based on the ancient science of numerology. It is a perfect tool to decode the frequency of your words and thoughts.

I will guide you through a Mediation between your Ego and your inner Voice. 
The inner Voice is the little whisper of the heart, that knows everything but that we often analyze to death. So we have to rediscover it because it has all the knowledge about you. And this is where we go to find all your answers.

This modality can be used as:

A reality check - to find out what you really want, to send out a clear intentional signal instead of mixed messages; to learn more about your calling, karma, destiny and gift; to discover relationship and family dynamics.

A mental detox - by observing thought activities we will expose habitual patterns, mental fixation and mood addictions. By stepping back from programing and belief systems, you will recognize who you really are.

This modality can also be used in addition to a physical treatment to investigate what came up during the session.

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