but the most profound thing is: it is alive

Every cell of our body has life, has consciousness, each cell is carrying identity, hold together by our unique frequency, in a series of multidimensional energy fields vibrating in accordance with Nature.

We are actualy only 1% matter and 99,9% non-matter (light, frequency, energy - spirit). This spiritual dimension is what animates our physical framework, and is therefore the foundation of "all life".

By contemplating this equation, it becomes clear that we are rather spirit than flesh. Realizing that, ask yourself where do you want to Heal the body, in the 1% or in the 99%?? And honestly, how much time do you spend addressing the above 99%?

This is most relevant! We are so mislead.
The world is a living Organism, everything has Spirit, Is Spirit.
If we are not spiritual connected to the world and do not understand Our "spiritual Reality", how will we life in this world? Slightly we won't make it.

Everytime we take from this Organism, from Nature, whatever we take
we take from Our own Substance, Our own Essence! Any Intervention in One part will have an effect on many other parts.

All physical - emotional - mental dis-ease starts from the Separation of Our Essence, from Ourselfs, from Universe.

But Life is so busy -we get caught up with the physical world. The mind gets so engaged. Analyzing Intuition to death.
Forgetting all about the heart, but the heart is the Gate to Our being,
to our Humanity, to our conciousness. Without the heart we cannot reach our own being.

Only if we tune our own Self in in accordance with the Harmony
of the absolute Music we will be able to experience Real Spirituality.
Coming from this state of Oneness, from a place of love and service to this Oneness, your Creator a life of service to others will become a natural outflowing from that, because others are extensions of Ourselfs.
Desire to serve flows naturally from a grateful heart.

It is about time for shifting our operating mode out of relying on belief systems and dogma into building our own personal experience of reality.

We have to become aware of the power of our consciousness. 
The planet is the way it is, because of our collective thoughts about it. Consciousness creates depending on our Orientation; by observation we create!

We have to pay attention to the vibration of our thoughts and voice
Our voice is sending out soundwaves that are not limited to the Ones listening, but reaching the whole universe. Spoken words are sounds occasioned by thought vibration, send forth by our ego or our soul.

It is up to us to bring forth Sweet Melody or Confused Noise.


The Body is an Instrument: learn how to play, tune it and how to stay tuned.

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