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nature & nurture

returning to the source is stillness
which is the true way of nature

Imagine a tropical setting: a beautiful jungle cabina on a beachfront property located between two rivers, surrounded with lush, green, pristine nature and lots of fresh air and Qi.  A quiet and secluded place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Let yourself be nurtured by nature, relaxing massages and healing work.


You can find more information throughout the website. See what resonates with you and what you would like to include in your personal vacation package.


How does it work?

My vacation packages are exclusive, tailor-made for One on One sessions with every guest. We will evaluate your needs at this particular time in your life in a personal assessment prior to your arrival via Skype video call or upon your arrival on the location. 

This package is a individual combination of my healing modalities to reconnect  you with the"life spirit"( Shen ), the "consciousness of the heart" to the "energies of heaven" (Tao). By establishing a mindful contact we will get exactly what we need on our personal path of life.

Stay tuned for Upcoming events in 2018!

special offer

Special offer includes housing in a simple cabin with the community kitchen and bathroom. For more luxurious lodging, please check the links below. The prices for treatments in that case will be added separately.


Weekend package: 3 nights / 2 days

lodging in a simple cabin + 1major treatment or 2 minor treatments

150$ (May–Nov)  |  $220 ( Dec–April)

Week package: 7 nights / 6 days  

lodging in a simple cabin + daily morning qi gong practice
+ 1 session / bodywork/mediation 
Special offer for only $620 (May–Nov
$928 (Dec–

Mystical Journey through the 5 elements

Coming  in 2018, this seven day course provides tools and assistance to help establish a holistic lifestyle, to overcome stress, anxiety and depression, to live an emotionally balanced and harmonious life.


This course is a combination of methods derived from ancient healing traditions and addresses all aspect of human well being in relation to the 5 elements.

The program includes guided Meditations, Breathing and Qi Gong exercieses as well as deeply engaging discourses about the power of mind and word and practical wisdom to manage life's situation.


If you prefer more spacious and comfortable housing,
please check the links below.

On the same road:

Casa Montezuma


Around the corner: ( house) (cabina)

Uphill from the studio: (house with pool) (wildlife cottage)

Do not hesitate to ask for help, choosing the right accommodation for you or for further questions. Meet me on Skype: trulyyourself

Please inquire for more details.

If you need help finding and booking accommodations, organize arrival and departure or help to plan your further stay in Costa Rica, please visit or contact Anna Bazarnaya.

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