cordula meyer

A native German,
lives and works as a certified TCM-Practitioner
of Tui-Na and Qi Gong Therapy
and as Spiritual Consultant in Costa Rica.


I never planed on doing what i do today. I could make a very long story short by saying that I came through Martial Arts to Healing Arts.


It was rather a continuum of self expression and experiences. I was following my heart rather than a plan, driven by passion and curiosity and have learned many holistic disciplines such as Dance, Martial Arts, Healing arts, Kundalini yoga and its white Tantra, Tai Chi-Qi Gong and Hawaiian Lua.


I advanced and evolved consciously through training as well as the inward journeys during my meditations, assignments, missions and vision quests given to me by my teachers. They taught me according to the old "experience based" traditions in contrary to western schools.

Studying Life is an ongoing gradual and organic process of exploration.


Already as a child I had a deep intimate relationship with nature. I preferred the outside to the inside and knew every tree around me and the trees knew me. So I started pretty green, collecting herbs and making herbal medicines and natural cosmetics. I got my first book about Ayurveda when I was 15, and completely embraced the alchemic idea of food as medicine.


I intensified my studies on herbs, spices, food and healing on my journeys to India. I am also a certified gardener.


During the apprenticeship in a Chinese medicine clinic in Germany, I've learned through the assessments I was assisting, that every illness comes with a story. By analyzing this story through Numerology I would always come to the same conclusion as the doctor with Chinese medicine.

Through this direct experience I recognized the power of mind over matter and the attention in my studies shifted more towards mind and spirit.


There are many different teachings, techniques, forms and sequences to practice to get you directly in contact with "life force". Some teach you to breath and push energy from your center all the way up to the top, some teach you how to slowly expand your energy, while others teach you to forcefully direct it.


No matter how. When you start practicing and train your mind to become aware of energy, you become very conscious of your body, all the way to the fingertips. Your posture straightens and it uplifts the attitude. You will be gradually carried to an ultimate understanding of the connection with nature, the universe and other human beings. You start to see things for what they are and shift from compulsive emotional reaction mode to conscious acting mode.

You will be able to keep your smile even in times of crisis.

And meanwhile the things along your path will start to miraculously fall into their places, deepening and empowering your faith. A flow from the heart will be a natural outcome.


And the more you practice, the more it benefits you.


During my twenty year career as energy worker and fifteen years as a TCM practitioner, I've notice lately that the Energy is rapidly changing. It feels as if the Energy is high charged and speeding up. We see nature discharging in many places. Within the last five years, I recognized a profound change in people's energy - high charged and up-tight or, on the other extreme, completely depleted.


Without questioning "why" or labeling it good or bad,

it simply looks like we better change our operating modes to be able to adapt.

Computer technology is stimulating our mind and emotions to the extreme. We get caught up in the head and are endangered of building our reality on"google clicks " and theory rather than relying on our personal experience of reality.


There is definetly a need for change in the way we care for ourselfs. It is very important to make sure our energy channels are open, to be able to slow down and download all of this incoming energy. We cannot shift responsibility onto others anymore - we have to do our own work.


With my work i want to encourage others on their life journey, to reconnect with nature - with Humanity- with self conciousness and service to collective conciousness

to be able to establish a holistic and sustainable relationship with Life itself.

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